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Half Lamb May delivery (approx 8-10 kgs)

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Half Lamb, 8-10kgs, includes a variety of cuts cryovaced, lamb individually packaged into manageable portions. Homegrown goodness from our paddock to your plate! 

Lamb will keep in the fridge for approximately 14 days from the packaged date and freezes well. To defrost we recommend thawing in the fridge overnight as the microwave can damage the meat quality. 

Half Lamb 8-10kgs of Lamb 

1 x Half leg of lamb and 1 x shank and 1 x large leg of lamb with shank  

Rack of Lamb 

Loin Chops 

Chum chops 

BBQ chops or Rolled shoulder 

Lamb Sausages 

Please be advised quantities/cuts may vary due to the size and weight of the lamb, we strive to provide a quality product that is consistent. 

Delivery - Please allow a minimum of 10 days from close of orders and up to 3 weeks from the time you place your order for the meat to be delivered/ready for collection. 

We are currently able to deliver to Albury, Wodonga, Wangaratta, Benalla and Mansfield. Please make contact with us prior to ordering if you are outside of these areas and we will do our best to deliver to you!  

The delivery date and arrangements will be confirmed once your has been received.